Theme Nights are dedicated to a popular TV show, movie, book series, etc.  It's a chance for the true fans to come out and battle for bragging rights and prizes!  We encourage you to dress up and come up with clever team names!


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*Space is limited, so to make sure you have a table, take advantage of our VIP Reserved Seating Option by e-mailing us at  

**Seating without reservations is $5/person at the door on a first come/first served basis (as space allows).

July 30th:  Friends  (Hand of Fate - Petersburg)
August 1st:  Friends  (Hand of Fate - Petersburg)
August 11th:  2000's Music  (Snappers Bar & Grill - Clinton)
August 11th:  Friends  (Barrelhouse 34 - Champaign)
August 11th:  Friends  (Braize - Bloomington)
August 11th:  Friends  (Hy-Vee Market Grille - Bloomington)
August 11th:  Friends  (Hy-Vee Peoria Grand Prairie - Peoria)
August 12th:  Friends  (Lincoln Square Lounge - Decatur)
August 25th:  Scrubs  (Barrelhouse 34 - Champaign)
August 25th:  Scrubs  (Braize - Bloomington)
August 25th:  Scrubs  (Hy-Vee Peoria Grand Prairie - Peoria)
September 8th:  The Office  (Barrelhouse 34 - Champaign)
September 8th:  The Office  (Braize - Bloomington)
September 8th:  The Office  (Hy-Vee Peoria Grand Prairie - Peoria)
September 22nd:  Seinfeld  (Barrelhouse 34 - Champaign)
September 22nd:  Seinfeld  (Braize - Bloomington)
September 22nd:  Seinfeld  (Hy-Vee Peoria Grand Prairie - Peoria)
November 14th:  Game of Thrones  (Hand of Fate - Petersburg)