Below is a schedule of our upcoming Special Events.  If you're looking to book Twin City Trivia to run trivia for your event and there's already an event listed below on that date, don't worry!  We have plenty of qualified hosts to make sure we can accommodate whatever you need!





March 20:  Attie's Bar & Grill
April 6:  All About Wine
April 6:  Women of Wenona Trivia Night
April 11:  Illinois Credit Union
April 17:  Attie's Bar & Grill
April 25:  Island Bay Yacht Club
April 27:  NCHS After Prom
May 4:  It's All About Wine
May 15:  Attie's Bar and Grill
May 18:  Private Party
May 23:  Island Bay Yacht Club
May 25:  Streator Onized Credit Union
June 13:  Island Bay Yacht Club
June 19:  Attie's Bar & Grill
July 22:  Timber Pointe Camp