John Mark

Owner/Founder/Host/Question Writer


From the 309, John Mark founded Twin City Trivia in 2014 when he noticed Bloomington/Normal needed a Trivia nightlife.  


He grew up on Seinfeld, 80's pop, and the Cubs.  He loves running the business and particularly working in his basement.  When he's not working, he enjoys going on adventures out of town whenever possible.


He has a 16 year old son who loves baseball like his father, a Beagle mix puppy named Emmy, and his roommate, Alexa, lives in an Amazon Echo on his desk.



Hugs and kisses.


Hosts at:


Tuesday: Lil Beaver Brewery (Bloomington, IL)

Wednesday: Destihl Brewery (Normal, IL)

Thursday:  Firehouse Pizza (Normal, IL)








Head of Hosting Operations/Trivia/Music Bingo Host


Since Doug was a little boy, he dreamed of becoming a trivia host.  Just kidding. Doug can’t dream because he’s too tough for sleep. But on the rare occasions that he does dream, it’s unrelentingly about the Starship Enterprise.


Doug will eat leftover food from the refrigerator that has no discernible date of production- without first instituting the smell test. He never misses an opportunity to use the finger guns. He had a favorite stuffed raccoon named Coonie when he was a lad.  His basement bar is rated a top 30 Bloomington/Normal attraction on Trip Advisor. Doug’s insatiable appetite for hot wings is only eclipsed by his infatuation with breakfast cereal. 


A nerd in his own right (but the cool kind of nerd, not the kind that makes you rich), Doug has a diversity of useless knowledge and a jocular personality that can only assure that trivia nights with him will be fun and unforgettable. Every. Single. Time.


Hosts at:


Tuesday:  CRAFTED  (Bloomington, IL) 

Wednesday:  Minier Tap  (Minier, IL)



















Mike L.

Trivia Host


World renowned for his boyish good looks, insatiable appetite, and scrumtrulescent beard, local stallion Mike Leary knows how to get your motor running:  with some hot, unbridled Trivia!


Raised by a VCR and a Super Nintendo, Mike's knowledge of facts runs the gamut from trivial to superficial to wildly unimportant.  And he can't wait to share that wealth of useless knowledge with you!  

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband, too, because Mike is killing it at hosting Trivia out here!


Hosts at:


Windjammer (Bloomington) on Wednesday nights.



























Trivia Host


Born and raised in Kewanee, IL, Curt moved to Blo/No in 1999 to attend ISU and never left.  After earning a degree in the biological sciences, he followed the career path of so many before him in the field by promptly taking a job in social services working with kids.


Even after forcing John Mark to read a litany of raunchy and offensive team names while playing weekly trivia at Firehouse for years, he still offered Curt the opportunity to host a night.


When not playing or hosting trivia, Curt can be found drinking whiskey, throwing darts, and playing tunes at local open mic nights and gigs around Blo/No.


Hosts at Station Saloon (Bloomington) on Thursdays




















 Trivia Host



Known for his gorgeous smile and beautiful bald head, you probably recognize Justin from such places as the local coffee shop, the gym and your wildest dreams.  Justin grew up in Downs and lived most of his life in Bloomington, which makes him extremely cultured an expert in Midwestern sarcasm.


A history and political junkie, Justin's knowledge of facts only your grandparents should know will amaze the most casual trivia goer.  During the day, he works as a professional sales trainer but at night he blasts his favorite 90's jams and shares useless information with the masses.


Join Justin Thursday nights on the main stage at Dr. McKays and don't forget to keep your hands to yourself.





Hosts at:

Dr. McKays (Bloomington) on Thursdays  
















Music Bingo Host



A Southern Illinois native, Serena has migrated all the way from her little hometown Newton, IL moving her way north via EIU to her big-city office job here at State Farm.


Trivia runs in her blood.  She shares her wealth of random knowledge, love of Jeopardy! and on-this-day facts with her dad.  She was a band nerd, scholastic bowl team captain and trivia champion back before it was cool (just tell her it's not cool now, either, and her awesome regular trivia team almost never uses the same name twice.  They've been subjecting John Mark to reading wacky team names since the early Twin City Trivia days at Eleven (RIP).


Outside of work and trivia, Serena listens to an eclectic (i.e. embarrassing) mix of music and true crime podcast, plays Skyrim and Fallout excessively, hangs out with her friends and craft-beer-genius boyfriend (who has better, longer hair), and is owned by 4 cats.  Her dream is eventually to open a cat cafe/brewery here in town... once they win the lotto.


Hosts Music Bingo at JP's Ale and Wheelhouse on Wednesdays 



















Trivia and Music Bingo Host 



Hailing from the small town of Eureka, Rose got bit by the travel bug at a young age so she is always trying to see new places!


Rose loves a good drink and alcohol is her trivia specialty- especially wine. She also never says no to a shot (Hint, hint!). 


She's a loving mother to 2 crazy cats, Luna and Apollo.  If you enjoy watching someone dance with their shoulders and sing along to all the songs then check her out at Music Bingo!   And if you want a good laugh hearing her mispronounce words, join her for Trivia!


Hosts at:


Music Bingo at Dr. McKay's (Bloomington) on Mondays


Trivia at The Outpost (Eureka) on Wednesdays




































Lindsey G.

Trivia Host



Lindsey was born and raised in Pekin.  She found her love of Pub Trivia back in 2011 and from then, she started attending up to 3 nights of trivia a week!


In the frightful year of 2020, she took the scary plunge and moved to Decatur with her beau, Tyler.


She loves her fur children Rango and Zelda, Movies, Music, and Animals.


Bring her an iced coffee or taco and she'll be your friend forever!



Hosts at:

Bargenta (Argenta) on Mondays









































Spreadsheet Wizard/Host


Software developer by day, Russ has been writing and hosting trivia events since 2001, and got into the pub quiz business in 2012.


When he's not writing trivia or hosting, he enjoys competing in trivia competitions around the US and hanging out with his wife Tammy, kids Emma and Jack, and dog Mabel.  He's impossibly boring.


Trivia specialties include 80's Pop Culture, Art, and the Oscars.


You can find him sleeping in on Saturdays.
























Trivia/Music Bingo Host 



Kyle grew up in and currently lives in Clinton, IL after moving from Portland, OR as a young kid.


He was that one kid in scholastic bowl who excelled on the niche sports questions but couldn't conjugate a verb or do simple algebra.


He spends most of his time learning a bunch of random nonsense that he turns into trivia fuel.  There's also a 90% chance he'll play a pop punk/emo song if the option is provided him.


He really likes having drunk people sing along to Sweet Caroline and Wonderwall.



















Jason (aka Rockey)

Question Writer 


Having mastered the art of the high-angle MySpace selfie, Jason decided to give trivia a try.  


He is an avid supporter of the Twin City Trivia format who spent a few years as a player before stepping up to host.


Having peaked too early by being nominated valedictorian of his junior high school, Jason claims to have pretty much petered out from there.  


Formerly an Arby's General Manager, he now works in social media and no longer "has the meats".  


Jason is a fan of nerd stuff like Marvel Comics, Pro Wrestling, and The Simpsons.  He has an exhaustive collection of Funko POPs, which is now something he realizes he maybe shouldn't admit to on a public forum.


Jason grew up in the Peoria area and still lives there with his wife Jen and his large adult son, Groot.


















Head of St. Louis Operations/Music Bingo Host



Tonee loves music, all types.  She gets made fun of because every other song is her favorite song and she'd love to see all her favorite artists in concert.


She has worked as a radio personality on a variety of formats from Top 40, R&B, Alternative Rock, Classic Hits, New Country, and Hip Hop.


She really enjoys pizza.  Mix that with some karaoke and that's a good time.  She has spent many years event planning and hosting karaoke.


She loves to travel and Vegas is her favorite destination.


Dreaming of being a broadway star, Tonee went to school for theatre and communication, so she can be a tad dramatic.  If you miss her voice after Music Bingo is over, you can catch her midday on 99-7 the Mix!


Hosts at:


Music Bingo at Sky Lounge (Springfield) on Wednesdays











Trivia/Music Bingo Host


Adam was born and raised in BloNo. He has lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, venturing twice to Chicagoland and even a brief stint in L.A. and the Pacific Northwest. However, for reasons unknown to even him, he continues to be drawn back like a moth to the flame.


He is part of the last generation that didn't grow up with internet in their homes, so most of his childhood was spent with his good friends TV, a large, albeit terrible, vinyl record/cassette/CD collection belonging to his parents, and stacks of trivia books he bought at every Scholastic Book Fair.  Adam's brain is 100% useless knowledge, other than the parts that control motor skills and breathing and such...


Adam doesn't sleep on planes, for fear of being incepted...








Matt M.

Trivia Host


Matt is a Comedian, Karaoke DJ, Hand Model, Kid Rock Impersonator, and now Trivia Host!  He has traveled all over the Midwest, entertaining crowds since 2019 with his many talents.


He has a beautiful wife, two cats, and the rumors about him living in his car are completely false. Matt also loves long walks on the beach and coleslaw.


This smooth talking, suit wearing, long haired entertainer is stoked to be a part of the Twin City Trivia team.  If you like your Trivia with a side of chaos, then his shows are for you!


Hosts at JP's Wheel and Alehouse on Mondays  



























Trivia Host



Raised in the St. Louis area, Simonne (also known as MonneXo) has been passionate about the media & entertainment industry since the age of 14.


She has background in radio promotions, television production/hosting, and social media management that has brought her out of her shell.


If you're curious about how bubbly Simonne is, you can check out her media outlet 94XO, where she interviews and promotes different brands in a positive light.


On her days off, she loves to sleep on her couch at any chance she gets, enjoy sushi and ice cream, and cuddle with her two dogs.


Hosts at:

Llywelyn's Pub (St. Charles) on Wednesdays 










Trivia Host


When she isn't off visiting her second home at the Happiest Place on Earth, Laura loves to play, and now host, trivia.  She loves Disney, traveling, WERQin' and the Patriots.


A native of Bloomington/Normal, Laura went to the University of Illinois.  She has worked in the radio business for several years but is transitioning to a new position with Rivian.  
























Trivia Host 


Marty "McFly" Ryan was born and raised in Lincoln, IL.  After spending 6 years in Milwaukee, and another 7 in the Chicago suburbs, he has not-so-triumphantly returned to his roots.  While growing up, if he and his friends weren't riding bikes or playing sports, they were quoting lines from TV and movies.  Marty loves live music and is a huge Grateful Dead fan.  His daughter, Dylan, is almost 6 and she is the love of his life.


Top movies:

The Big Lebowski, The Royal Tennenbaums, Goodfellas, and The Burbs.


Top TV shows:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Eastbound & Down, and Arrest Development.


Hosts at:

Tuesdays: Fat Jack's (Bloomington, IL) 

Wednesday: Spirited Republic (Lincoln, IL)























Joni (AKA JZ) 

Trivia Host 


Joni is proud to be born & raised in Decatur, IL.  She graduated from Illinois State with a degree in Elementary Education, but soon thereafter, realized she wasn't all that fond of other people's children.  So she called an audible and entered the exotic, prestigious career of Crop Insurance, even though she admittedly knows nothing about farming.  Her passion lies in volunteerism, though.  She's mentored with Big Brothers Big Sisters and has been on the Board of Directors for United Way of Mid Illinois since 2018.


As a consummate cat mom, Joni's pride & joy are her three sassy fluffballs named Harlow, Piper, and Fiona.  In her spare time, Joni enjoys going to concerts & STL Cardinals games, experimenting with fashion, putting together jigsaw puzzles, watching LetterkennySchitt's Creek, and spending sunny afternoons on other people's boats.  Joni is fluent in 5 languages... profanity, rap lyrics, sexual innuendos, meowing, and sarcasm.


Loves:  Guacamole, snakes, and Amazon Prime

Hates:  Spiders, wet paper towels, and dangling prepositions

Excels at:  Party Planning, making up new lyrics to existing songs, and Flippy Cup



Hosts at:


Wednesdays:  Lincoln Square Lounge (Decatur)


















Trivia Host 


Brad grew up near Decatur and is the son of a factory worker.  He spend years honing his skills connecting with people working in registration at a hospital and teaching first grade.  Eventually fate would invite him to trivia through a friend and aligned him with his purpose... reading questions to people in bars.


His life could be a country song and he's looking for the perfect song lyric and GIF.  He loves singing to his playlist but you don't want to hear him sing.  


Come out and have some fun but remember Smokey- this is trivia, THERE ARE RULES!









































Mike S.

Music Bingo Host 


Mike was born in Southern Illinois but has taken many trips around the world.  From walking on glaciers and volcanoes in Alaska, dodging tornadoes in Oklahoma, beer fests in Germany, and walking through ancient ruins in Greece, he's done things most people only see in pictures.


His hobbies include video games, finding new craft beers to try, working for local non-profits, and losing at trivia nights.  His team once tied for first... out of 2 teams.  Mike's regular trivia team also collaborates on new Music Bingo categories.  He has a newly found love of concerts.  His wife keeps him on track with all the insanity of two teenage kids and work schedules.



















Trivia Host


Meet Angie (she's the one on the right).  Angie is a Blo-No native with an insatiable love for life and an unhealthy obsession for The Hoff.


Angie was discovered by John Mark one night while playing trivia when she sparked a heated debate over whether Pitbull is a rapper.


When she isn't watching an inappropriate amount of reality television or trying to recruit people to join her in a TV show theme song band, she is recording a podcast called "So That's a Thing" with her friend, Molly.... where they bring you their take on some random shit.


Want to know more??  Just stalk her on social media like any normal person would do. 









Dan L.

Question Writer 


Dan is the younger, more presentable brother of Twin City Trivia host Mike L.  A Bloomington-Normal native, he sought comfort in the warm embrace of video games, movies and music growing up since he was too uncoordinated to be successful at team sports.  An assemblage of trivial and often niche knowledge, he began playing Twin City Trivia at Firehouse a few years ago.


Dan works as a teaching assistant at a local junior high school and also works part time at his uncle's meat shop.  When he is not hosting or writing trivia, Dan enjoys playing PC games, absorbing mass amounts of minutia from the internet, hanging out with his dog and sometimes he actually goes outside to play disc golf.











Head of Seattle Operations/Trivia Host/Music Bingo Host



Bio Coming Soon!



Hosts Music Bingo at Sully's Queen Anne on Wednesdays 


































Trivia Host


Dan was born a poor black child... wait, wrong bio.  Dan was born and raised in Blo/No and now resides in Danvers where he discovered Trivia at The Vault and formed a super team of useless knowledge retention.  He caught the bug and decided to join the host side of things while still maintaining dominance at his home location.


When he's not busy studying (watching all 84 episodes of Shameless in 6 days), he's an avid sports nut and a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but also loves the Cubs, Blackhawks, and hometown ISU Redbirds.  He's also a major gamer spending most of his time playing shooters and sports games on the XBox.  If he's not working or sleeping, he's probably drinking something with vodka in it.


Hosts at Jac's Doghouse on Thursdays  (Pekin)










Trivia/Music Bingo Host



Born in Springfield, in the glorious, neon specter of the 1980's, Brian early on picked up a knack for remembering truly useless info.  He parlayed this into a love of all things trivia, and when he came of drinking age, hit the ground running in the pub quiz circuit.  After playing for nearly a decade, he figured if you can't beat them, join them.


When he isn't hosting a Trivia or Music Bingo night, Brian can be found sitting in front of his computer trying to make sure things don't blow up for the state Treasurer's office.  He still enjoys going to the occasional Trivia night when he has time and loves spending whatever free time left playing video games or rooting on the Atlanta Braves.


Hosts at:


Trivia at Hand of Fate on Wednesdays (Petersburg)


Music Bingo at Brickhouse Grill & Pub on Thursdays (Springfield)


Trivia/Music Bingo at It's All About Wine on Saturdays (Springfield)






















Trivia Host


Davies moved to the Twin Cities in the Fall of 2018 to join Susan Saunders as a part of the WBNQ morning show.  He was born and raised in the greater Cincinnati area, originally born in Northern Kentucky.


In his spare time Davies finds time for live music, his love for Chelsea FB club, the English Three Lions, and the never ending quest to find the world's greatest Margarita.  With his love of all things Bonnaroo music festival, you'll find some "interesting" music selections at his trivia nights.



 Hosts at Keg Grove (Bloomington) on Wednesdays.

























Trivia Host


Autumn is the lively hostess based in Mackinaw!  When she isn't busy rallying the trivia troops, she enjoys writing and performing stand up routines.


You may find her performing in various venues around Central Illinois; most frequently the Jukebox Comedy Club in Peoria. 



Hosts at:


Owl's Nest (Peoria) on Sundays 




































Kyle F.

Trivia Host 



Kyle has spent his entire life entertaining live audiences, whether they want him to or not.  Whether it's performing stand up across the Midwest, ranting on his long-running podcast "Obtuse Angles", getting his head knocked off as a Professional Wrestler, or hosting a college campus comedy game show called "Dash for Dollars, there really isn't an audience Kyle hasn't made laugh.


Or at least, attempted to.



Hosts at Brewski's Pub (Springfield) on Wednesdays 




















Trivia Host



Originally from Iroquois County, Brandon has lived in Taylorville since 2001 when he moved there to become a radio announcer and news reporter. Having left full time radio in 2011, he has spent the last decade as a part-time broadcaster, hotel manager and medical biller.


In Trivia, he is known primarily for his sports expertise. He has also written and hosted a variety of trivia fundraisers. In addition to Trivia, Brandon is an avid fan of boxing, bowling, the Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Marlins.


He and his wife Megan serve on the board of the Forever Home Feline Ranch cat rescue in Rochester. He has two sons and five cats.


Hosts at Sky Lounge (Springfield) on Mondays 











































Trivia/Music Bingo Host


Bridgette was a small town farm girl from Towanda, IL until she moved into the big, beautiful Twin Cities.  Early on she had dreams of being an astronaut and fashion designer, but after changing her mind several times she chose to study theatre in college to become a secretary and trivia host.


Always a lover of trivia, she got sucked into Twin City Trivia a couple of years ago playing with her teammates on Optimistic Prime and never looked back.  Some of her skills include dancing, fluent sarcasm, and the ability to name the title & artist of a song in just a few notes.


Bridgette has a soft spot for most things 80s and 90s, but loves music from all eras, and is obsessed with 50s/60s fashion.  She will also tell you that Sisqo's Thong Song is the low point in music history.  As a girl who has no shame, she often bursts into song, dance, and occasionally a British accent.  She once took a Buzzfeed quiz that told her she was an introverted extrovert.  The quiz was probably wrong; this girl is a constant outgoing ray of sunshine.


4 out of 5 doctors agree that you need more Bridgette in your life.  (The 5th doctor hates trivia, rainbows, and happiness in general so what does he know?)























Nate T.

Trivia Host 


Nate grew up in Bloomington, IL and now resides in Urbana.  He is a middle school teacher by day, so you know he can handle all the stress and heckling associated with being a trivia host.  


When he is not hosting trivia, which is often since he only hosts once per month, he likes watching college football, going to concerts, annoying his friends with Seinfeld quotes, collecting coins, and drinking a beer or two with his buddies.











Trivia Host 



Bio Coming Soon! 









































Jon P.

Question Writer



While Jon is now a Fargonian in North Dakota, he hails from Wisconsin and was convinced at a young age to be a DJ by watching "WKRP in Cincinatti."  When he saw what radio was like in the real world, he decided it best suited him as a hobby.


Jon has been writing Trivia professionally for seven years for a variety of companies and regularly plays in a local game in Fargo. 


Jon also DJs at KNNZ-FM, a local non-profit radio station.