Welcome to Twin City Trivia.  We exist to provide a place to come every week to spend time with friends, meet new ones, and have a good time- all while playing Trivia and Music Bingo.  Our Trivia nights are for YOU.


Never been to one of our Trivia nights?  Here's what to expect.  We recommend you show up about 30 minutes early to get the best seats for you and your team (of up to 6).  You don't need to sign up ahead of time, just show up and grab a clipboard and pen from the host and come up with a team name.


Each Trivia night lasts 2 hours and is completely free to play with the top 2 teams winning prizes!   There are 6 rounds each week with a Final Round with one question from each of the nights' categories.  To get photo hints and other updates make sure you check out the Facebook page and sign up to get our weekly e-mail update.  


We have Trivia and Music Bingo every night all over Central Illinois (and now Missouri, Texas, and Washington locations) and the questions are different every night, so play as often as you want!


See you soon!


SUNDAY, September 19th: 


Owl's Nest, 7-9 PM (Peoria, IL)


Nightshop, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL) 



Two of the Categories tonight will be:  

Two Word Countries AND Talk Like a Pirate Day



MONDAY, September 20th:





JP's Wheel & Alehouse, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL) 


Sky Lounge, 7-9 PM (Springfield, IL)


Bargenta, 7-9 PM (Argenta, IL)



Two of the Categories tonight will be:  

Let's Play a Game...Show AND The Movie and the Book




DR McKay's, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL)




TUESDAY, September 21st: 




Fat Jack's, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL)


CRAFTED, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL)  


Snappers/Two Doors Down, 7-9 PM (Clinton, IL) 


Lil Beaver Brewery, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL) 


Craft Pride, 7:30-9:30 PM (Austin, TX) 


Silver Creek Saloon, 7-9 PM (Belleville, IL) *STARTS OCTOBER 5th!*



Two of the Categories tonight will be:  

World Gratitude Day AND Movie Theme Songs





Brewski's Pub, 7-9 PM (Springfield, IL) 







WEDNESDAY, September 22nd: 




The Outpost, 7-9 PM (Eureka, IL) 


Spirited Republic, 7-9 PM  (Lincoln, IL)


Minier Tap, 7-9 PM  (Minier, IL) 


Lincoln Square Lounge, 7-9 PM  (Decatur, IL) 


Colfax Bar and Grill, 7-9 PM  (Colfax, IL)


Windjammer, 8-10 PM  (Bloomington, IL)


Keg Grove Brewing Co., 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL)


Hand of Fate, 7-9 PM  (Petersburg, IL)


Brewski's Pub, 7-9 PM (Springfield, IL)  


Teddy's Tap, 7-9 PM (Le Roy, IL) 


Llywelyn's Pub, 7-9 PM (St. Peters, MO)


Valhalla Lounge, 7-9 PM (Austin, TX) 


Easy Tiger (East Location), 8-10 PM (Austin, TX) *STARTS OCTOBER 6th!*


Rainey Street Burgers, 7-9 PM (Austin, TX) *STARTS OCTOBER 6th!*



Two of the Categories tonight will be:  

Bodies of Water AND Sketch Comedy





Sky Lounge, 7-9 PM (Springfield, IL) 


JP's Wheel and Alehouse, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL) 


Sully's Queen Anne, 7-9 PM (Seattle, WA)






THURSDAY, September 23rd:





Jac's Doghouse, 7-9 PM  (Pekin, IL)


DR McKays, 7-9 PM  (Bloomington, IL)


Station Saloon, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL)


Firehouse, 7-9 PM (Uptown Normal, IL)


Broadway Deli & Lounge, 7-9 PM (Peoria, IL)




Two of the Categories tonight will be:  

Fictional Bars and Taverns AND "A" in Geography





Brickhouse Grill & Pub, 8-10 PM (Springfield, IL)  


CRAFTED, 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL) *RESUMES OCT. 7th!*


BloNo Pizza Co., 7-9 PM (Bloomington, IL) 




FRIDAY, September 17th:




Old Town Tap & Restaurant, 8 PM (LeRoy, IL)

*Next Date Sept. 24th!*





SATURDAY, September 18th: 




Two of the Categories tonight will be:  




It's All About Wine, 7 PM  (Springfield, IL)  






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